South African Pension Advice: Retirement savings
in South Africa

At Prism XPAT South Africa, we have the expertise to provide personalised solutions to guide individuals on their retirement planning and retirement savings in South Africa.

With an in-depth knowledge of the workings of the retirement landscape across a range of countries including South Africa, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, we are perfectly positioned to assist South Africans ‘on the move’ to keep full control of their global assets wherever their life journey takes them.

Some of our key services are as follows:
  • Accessing proceeds from Retirement Annuity policies in South Africa for individuals living outside of South Africa
  • Authorised Adviser (regulated in the UK) to provide guidance on pensions transfers (including Defined Benefit Funds) for individuals with UK pensions
  • Options available for retired South Africans living abroad and receiving income from annuity policies in South Africa
  • Advice to UK nationals with retirement savings in South Africa
  • Advice to ex-South African nationals with UK and Offshore based investments
  • Competitive Foreign Exchange solutions on converting monies/funds from ZAR

Retirement savings in South Africa form a prominent part of individuals’ personal balance sheets with total funds invested surpassing R4 trillion.

People are far more mobile nowadays and it is fairly standard for individuals to work for a number of Employers during their career with the result that retirement savings may be spread amongst more than one fund. In addition, it is becoming more common for individuals or families to spread their wings further afield at some point in their lives, that can include extended periods and in some cases permanent relocation outside of South Africa.

This raises a crucial question of whether individuals are giving sufficient attention to preserving their past hard-earned retirement savings that should all contribute towards developing a coherent retirement plan.

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